Book Expo is THIS SATURDAY!!!

Pardon the straightforward post title, but I’m just popping in to quickly plug this weekend’s event. The Mid-Ohio Indie Author Book Expo is THIS SATURDAY, August 10th, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. in Urbancrest, OH (just outside of Columbus). The event takes place at the Vaughn E. Hairston YMCA, and there will be dozens […]

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A Dark and (se)X(y) Convention

After an amazing weekend at the Dark X Fest in Hudson, OH, I’m finally settled back into reality here in the Sandusky area. I had an absolutely brilliant time at the convention, and I met a lot of really great artists from all across the horror community. One such artist was Jeremiah Witkowski, whose table […]

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California Dreamin’

Damn, a month goes by quickly when you’re on the road 24/7! New Orleans, Los Angeles, Houston, Sarnia, Chicago…lots and lots of work (for my “real” job, not for book promotion) and lots and lots of good memories along the way. The worst part of travel for me is the long periods of time spent […]

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Fo’ Real, Do! (Sam’s GoFundMe)

Greetings, Earthlings! Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with horror. Scratch that. This post has EVERYTHING to do with horror, but not the type we all love to scare each other with and go to conventions for because we’re dark and dirty freaks. This type of horror pertains to (gasp!) hospital bills. More specifically, […]

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“Give It Away, Now!”

Fast week, but lots to show for it. I’m averaging about four handwritten pages a night, which is pretty good for me, but nothing compared to the speed of some other authors. Other than Birthday Girl: Coronation, I’m also editing a YA novel called┬áMoving Through and writing the first draft of a short story I […]

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Hot Hot Hot!

The infernal punishment of the Scoville Scale has been inflicted on my stomach, and I honestly can’t say I don’t deserve it. I’ve started growing Chocolate Bhutlah peppers in my apartment, and these are apparently the HOTTEST of the hot peppers…so, of course, I want to eat one. I have a longstanding history of doing […]

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Okay, so this is a bit different. This is a post which has NOTHING to do with my books, NOTHING to do with my upcoming events, and NOTHING to do with horror in general. This is a post about Avengers: Endgame. Absolutely NO SPOILERS ahead (I’ll do the best I can), but I just have […]

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Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

I hope you’re having a happy Easter with your loved ones! For those of you who celebrated 4/20 yesterday, I hope today brings you just as much strange happiness (though, let’s be real, if you have kids you’re probably still hitting that joint a few times today…and none of us blame you.) This week’s been […]

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