Day Five (10GDoC)

“Cutting a corpse into into several pieces is a good way to make one gift look like several gifts! It’s a good thing.” – Martha Stewart

I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping. Also, the apartment above mine is suddenly vacant.

That’s not decay you smell from under the wrapping paper; it’s Christmas spirit 🙂



“Macabre Bells”

(To the tune of “Jingle Bells”)

Splashing through the gore

of the families they slay,

demons throw snowballs

while dancing in blood spray! (Ha-ha-ha!)

The fat man dressed in red

with madness in his eyes

bellows his decree:

“Make these bastards die!”


prison cells

down in Hell

Open once a year.

Demons rise

to bring demise

to those who don’t spread cheer!

Sing the songs,

eat the food,

and smile through the stress.

Pay tribute

to Our Dark Lord,

The Spirit of Christmas!

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