Infrequent Updates from a Known Slacker


Needless to say, I’m not the most consistent writer in the world, particularly when it comes to posting on this website. I’m not fond of excuses, but part of the reason is I have a full-time job that involves a lot of traveling around the states and staying on the phone 8-11 hours a day. In a perfect world, I could quit this sales job and just write my bloody and strange little books for a living. However, since it’s extremely unrealistic that I’ll ever pay the bills with my niche books filled with cartoonish violence, over-the-top sexuality, and enough buckets of blood to put out every single wildfire in California, I’ll likely be working a full-time job for the foreseeable future. At least, until it’s scientifically possible to survive without any source of sustenance or creature comforts…then I can just sleep in my car and live the dream.

The biggest reason I suck at updating this website, however, is that there’s not always a lot to talk about. If you’ve found your way here, you likely already know I’m a horror writer with a book called Birthday Girl available, a sequel called Birthday Girl: Coronation in the works, and a novel called Moving Through being released under the name Chase Will. Chase and I frequently argue about whose name sounds more made up and stupid, and I’m pretty sure he’s winning. Bless his heart.

Although it would probably get me more followers if I posted more often to things like my website, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites…I’m not too interested in bullshitting people for the sake of staying on their radar. I mainly only post something when it’s either a) News about my work, b) Something I find important of funny and worth sharing, or c) The psychotic ramblings of a lunatic with a gun to my head and a manifesto about transgender dwarfs. These things are worth sharing, and if I water my social media pages down with boring content for the sake of having more content, I don’t expect that people who actually enjoy my work will stick around for long.

The fact that I’m popping my head to say all this suggests I have something worth sharing. I do.

website Syler

I’ve written previously about losing my younger brother earlier this year, and it’s taken me a long time to get to a place where I’m less interested in mourning and more interested in doing something good with this whole crappy experience. After some consideration and some talks with like-minded friends, I’ve come up with something entertaining that will hopefully make a difference in the bigger picture.

With the help of 32Auctions, I’m creating personalized silly videos in exchange for a charitable donation which will go toward The American Cancer Society when the auction is finished. My goal is to raise $2,000 by New Year’s Eve, but even if I fall short of that goal I’d still be happy to have done at least something positive.

Syler Auction

If you’d like more information on this auction, or would simply like to donate to the cause, visit The Syler Will Winter Memorial Auction here. When the auction is finished and a final number is reached, I will post a receipt from The American Cancer Society’s website as proof that all money raised went where it’s intended.

I’ve also posted a few new reviews on the Crypt Teaze website, including a review of Nickelodeon’s “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” reboot, She Never Died (sequel to the Henry Rollins film), a “cursed” film called Antrum, The Night Sitter, and Joker. If you’re interested in hearing my sometimes-inebriated musings, check out these reviews and be sure to follow Crypt Teaze on Facebook and Instagram. A lot of great people work for this website, and all it’s unpaid. We write because we love horror…unlike people at a certain popular horror website that shall remain nameless.

I will have a few new goodies available in time for Christmas. Stay tuned!

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